Color Pencil Drawings
Brenda Raub
Freddies Cupcake
Color pencil
12" x 12"
If you have never checked out Fred Meyer's bakery department this cupcake should make you drop everything you're doing and go see it.  Yummmmmm!  I don't even remember what the cupcake tasted like, all I cared about was drawing it!
If I were an Animal
Watercolor/Color pencil
8" x 8" 
I have belonged to a few circle journals and this was one entry I did for one of the journals.  The theme was: if I were an animal.  I had recently visited the aquarium in Seattle and discovered the precious sea dragons.  I haven't stopped drawing them since.  I'm hooked! They are truly amazing creatures!
Daisies at Sunday Lake
Color Pencil
12" x 16"
My dad passed away while vacationing in his hometown of Wakefield, Michigan.  It was a very challenging and sad time in all of my families lives.  However, I find peace that he is buried where he grew up close to this special lake.  I gave this artwork to my mom and hope she finds peace and good memories every time she looks at it. 
Tut Reading
Color Pencil
6" x 10"
I wrote a children's, it has never been published but this is one of the illustrations from it.  Maybe one day.....
I Caught Inspiration but No Fish
Color Pencil
16" x 20"
My husband and I visited Maui one year .  It wouldn't be a real vacation for him unless we went deep sea fishing.  Well, as the title of this piece indicates we caught no fish.  It was still a great day on the water and I loved drawing these lures. The challenge on this one:  using no silver pencil for the shiny bits!
Watercolor pencil/acrylic
9" x 12"
A while back I got to travel via cruise ship throughout the Caribbean with a group of friends.  It was a HOOT! I came across a ship graveyard and thought this blue boat just looked so interesting.  Using watercolor pencil on sandpaper I changed the name of the boat to Lapiz (color pencil) and ran my blue pencil down to a nub.
Ribbons from Mood
Color pencil
16" x 20"

My mom and I went to the Big Apple to visit my wonderful cousin who is a police officer.  Being a typical NYC cop she's not much into fashion but she knows her way around the city better than any tour guide!  I asked her to take me to Project Runway's Mood and lucky me she did! It was so inspiring.  I'm no sewer but I knew I'd use the ribbons to challenge myself to this color pencil drawing.  It took me about 4 months to complete by working on it almost every night after work. It was a blast to do and I'm very proud to say it was accepted into the Color Pencil Society's International Show. 

These are Your Feet on Vacation
Color pencil
While visiting Mexico I took a little siesta in a hammock.  I can look at this drawing and almost feel the wind slightly rock me side to side and I can hear the ocean waves hitting the where is that waiter with my Pina Colada?

Just Another Day
Color pencil + graphite on gray paper
13" x 13"
Life as a public school art teacher seems like it would be all fun and games.  But no!  There are casualties.  Supplies, dreams, ambition, peace, and sanity all are at risk in the art room.  But, there is ALWAYS those students that do AMAZING things!  And that is why I return.